Show photos 

Svendborg, DK  18  MAY 2013  and 19 May  - scroll down

Judge breed specialist: Gunnar Nymann, DK

Above:  BOS  "Rosa" Petit Heroes Blonde On Blonde  &  BOB "Otto" Petit Heroes Canned Heat

  "Otto"   Danish Champion   on the day,

as he was 2 yrs the day before 17 May, and had his 6th CAC !


Above: Otto moves    for the judge


And "Otto"  is Best In Show2  /  5 Basset breeds represented

********************************below the next days results *********

Below:  Sunday the 19 May 2013  National show in Svendborg, DK

Judge: Javir Sanchez, Spain

Above: Champion Dogs  (Otto first)

Above: Dogs in Champion dog class

Above:  Champion dog Class - Otto left

Above: Rosa in Champion Bitch Class

Below: 4 bitches  for best bitch



above:  4 bitches for best bitch

Best dog  "Julius"   &   best bitch  "Rosa "

Moving  for Best Of Breed

Above:  BOB/BIR  Petit Heroes Blonde On Blonde "Rosa"  and BOS/BIM   Chouan Rainbow Warrier "Julius"


"Rosa"  in the group - she was not placed - but so lovely  and wanting to please me  !

Thanks to Vibeke, Fie, Chr.  & Poul for  the pictures

Below: Sweden National Show the 18 May 2013

Judge: Hans Boelaars, NL

Petit Heroes Corinna Corinna "Kerstin" - littersister to "Otto"   

became both Swedish and Danish Champion the same day 18th May 13.

In Sweden  PBGV's has to pass a hunting test  and enter working class to get CAC's

and Kerstin had her 5th CAC same day as Otto became a Danish Champion ,

1 day after their 2 yrs birthday !!   In Denmark and in Sweden a dog has to

be 2 yrs old to become  show champion,  with at least 3 CAC's the last won

after  the 2 yrs birthday !

Above:  Sweden 18 May 2013 ******************

Below: Roskilde Denmark 5 May 2013

International  DKK show

Above: "Kerstin" was BOB  and BIG 3    in Denmark  May 5 2013

 judge: Per Iversen, Norway

she had the Bitch CAC and CACIB and she is now both Danish and Swedish Champion    !!!

The End  - of a wonderful show weekend ;o,)   to be right:  of 2 wonderful show weekends  !