CRUFTS  2013   the trip and show

Hoek Van Holland,  walking the dogs before going on the ferry 5th March 2013

Below:  Levenham  6th March the most beautiful city




                                                                                 tea  at the World Peace Café

The Mail Box in Birmingham, we stayed at hotel Ramada  (very dog friendly !!)

                  Here we met Elin Normansseth with friends and a big beautiful Berner Sennen.

Below:   the 7th March  2013

   Gitte grooming  Otto for me -  he was not pleased with it  - even though she only brushed him gently 


Gitte grooming Otto  and I am watching

Above:  Linda Skerritt judged  the Grands before the PBGV judging starts

Joland Huismann had Best Dog and BOB, and Iva had Best Bitch and BOS

Jette has a bite before we start PBGV judged after the Grands

Above:  Judge  breed specialist Linda Lewis   -   6 dogs in LIMIT class Otto stands no 4 and gets 2nd


Above:   1  tail  and   5 of the dogs in LIMIT class




AT  THE  TABLE  IN  FRONT   Best dog   and  BOS   -

Otto   waiting for his turn !   (Otto got 2nd  LIMIT )


Otto wants a goodie while we are waiting


Above: Otto moving his head around and eating - or else he will not stand -

                                              we must train more  

wants to play  - more  fun behind  !!


Otto moving  


 ring craft is calling - hope we can learn to stand still a little while - would be nice !



Above:  NO 1, 2 and 3 in LIMIT  class   (No 1 also got Best DOG  and BOS)  - Otto 2nd  in LIMIT   !




OTTO  2nd in LIMIT  well done Otto !!

and we are very happy  !!!!

"Otto's"  Critique: (printet in DogWorld and OurDogs)

Ramvad's Petit Heroes Canned Heat  (ATC .... )

Another very nice dog of different type and in excellent o/w coat.

Not quite 2 yrs old. Compact, well balanced hound with great angulations throughout.

Long strong neck. Masculine well proportioned head, great pigment.

Moved a bit wide in front. Strong bone, good feet.  Well settled looked a picture.

Strong quarters, moved soundly. Difficulty in settling especially in the challenge for RDCC.

Judge  Linda Lewis, UK.

Below: Gitte  grooming Rosa   - thank you Gitte  !!


Below: Open Bitch class


Rosa in open bitch  12 in the class

Above: Rosa on the table  she is 6 yrs  old  !

Above:  Rosa  moving  -   she loves to show ! !

Thank you to Martin Cordes,  Jenna Betts, Annicka Löfgren -

                      and Gitte  Winter for the photos !! so nice to have !

Below:  just Crufts


Main ring  the  terrier Group judging

Below:  Linda with Betty 

Below   -   a very dogfriendly pub -  had a special dog menu  !!


GREAT said our dogs - we will have the turkey  !!

below:    home again 


GOOD to be home  in the  snow   with   "dogs" for the fireplace both in     -  and on the mantlepice !!