England  September  2012


The White Cliffs of Dover seen from the ferry


 left Rosa and Otto in one crate  and Kiwi and Dixie in the other crate in Linda's car 6th Sept 2012

                                           after Otto had his eyes testet by prof. Peter Bedford.    Right Otto in Lindas sofa 

Below: 7th September, Jette in the judges tent at Richmond Championship Dogshow




                                                 Richmond Championship Dogshow  September 2012                                                           


Chr. and Jenna and the beautiful twin boys Owen and Aidan  !


At Richmond CC show Bloodhounds, people & crates with PBGV's   -  a sunny hot day !



                                                                                   PBGV Junior dog class judge: Renée Sporr-Willes


Jette judging Basset Hounds


Otto has a brush before Jenna stands him for the photographer



Richard and Jenna and their twin boys Owen and Aidan      &  Christian with Owen  !

Hound group in the big ring  (end of the show)


Above:  parakees in Lindas lovely  garden   - -   and in Lindas sofa Otto has a cuddle !

Below:  Saturday the 8th September 2012  in Windsor another sunny warm day !





end of the Windsor shopping-trip !

Below:  at Sissinghurst Castle in Kent the 9.sept 2012 - what a beautiful place !!!!!!









end of Sissinghurst Castle   


 10th Sept arrival with the ferry  at  Calais  in 30 Celcius - people in hundreds at the beach  -

and 1120 km home ! (one night in NL where dogs are welcome - made the trip home ok)