Fotos 2012   / Mixed photos  2012


And Bjørn Hannibal tried to walk Otto  - December  2012



and the big boys went shooting  Christmas 2012


Christmas  2012









Above:  December  2012  from our windows




Above:  Jette and Gitte  at the BGV  World Congress  in UK, Mid November  2012


Above:  November    2012  from our windows


Bjørn Hannibal at Ristinge beach  October  2012

Above:  boys and dogs  in their  hut  (one on the roof)

Otto  October  2012


Above: Ejvind and Bjørn Hannibal  loves cake   October  2012

Above: September  2012  the boys  in the appleyard 


Sissinghurst  September  2012


Windsor  September  2012            and        Sissinghurst  South England Sept 2012

Below:  Jette in Judges area September  2012


                                     Jette  &                                          Chr. September  2012  Richmond CC show


Chr.  Dublin, Ireland     -    August  2012       &   Öxabäck     and     Stockholm, Sweden 


Above:   August  2012 

Sailing  August  2012 

Above :  Rudkøbing  Harbour August  2012


Summer  2012      granddad and Ejvind studies HUNDEN  and Bjørn Hannibal is playing !

above:  saturdays result - sunday Otto was 2nd best only beaten by his cousin

-                  the BIS winner both days Magnum !

above dogs with excellent and CK

Young "Otto" in junior class  - sunday the 15th July he wins 2nd best dog of all (only beaten by BIS dog both days)

                       -          and  "Otto"best danish dog again !

Above: Very Special Show saturday the 14th July 2012 "Otto" wins 3rd best dog

                            - and best Danish dog !

Cranberries from our neighbors july 12


our house with the shining roof seen  from the ferry  july 12 - and Marstal



above:  the boys here july 12

Otto 19 June 2012

Otto 19 June 2012

Otto loves his big red ball !!

Below:  the postman came !!

good with some action  !

Rosa and Otto resting a bit after playing and running so much  19 June 2012

Otto in the garden  12 June 2012


Christian has got a barn  !

mother deer and baby deer (one of 2) in the evening sun  12th  June 12

above:   mother deer and her twins - evening the 12th June 2012  -  photos from our windows

Above:  making dogs !

 Below "A day in the garden"




A nice day out in the big garden, dogs sniffing around and --- after a while Rosa found and killed a pheasant !

Not the best time of year to do so  -  25th April 2012  /

************************************end !


 Above and below: a lovely day at the beach , with our grandchildren the 22nd  April ,  where we live/

Dogs walking themselves - Rosa taking care of Otto  ;o)


walking home from the beach  Bjørn Hannibal walking the dogs - or trying to ! (wearing my hat  ;o))                                               

                                                                                                  our house &  part of our wiev, April 12.

************************************************************ end !


 Above:  5th April 2012 doing gardening - Otto and Rosa  helping  ;o)  / end !

 Marseillan Plage,  France  the 4th of March 2012  going home !

 24th of Febr 2012 a warm sunny day, Jette and dogs at Torrox beach


Jette and Otto 24 Febr 2012 Torrox beach              &             Jette and Rosa and Otto   !

 Linda and Chr. having tapas  in Torrox  the 20th of February 2012 ! Otto wants some too !!! ;o))

 Rosa winnning the group - and Otto BOS both days and winning the junior CAC's both days ! what a fine day !!


                             at the show ground     Linda  and Rosa sharing a BIG icecream ;o)))

Above:  Linda Skerritt, visiting us and went with us to the shows in Granada Spain  18th & 19th of Febr 2012

(more phots on showresults !)

Rosa thursday the 16th of February 2012 after a bath

Otto thursday the 16th of February 2012 after a bath  (before the shows)  / end !

Otto Spain February 2012

Chr. ,  Otto and Rosa February 2012 Est of Torrox

Otto and Jette the 10th of February 2012

Jette and dogs at the beach in Torrox 6th of February 2012


Olive and almond trees in bloom  February 2012  / end !

  above: Our balcony in Torrox  January 2012  Otto and Rosa enjoying the view  !  /end !


 Marsillan Plage Frankrig January 2012


stranden som vi husker den fra børn, hvor jeg boede i telt her mange somre med mine forældre og søskende !

slut  / end  *************


 Above Otto on his 8 months birthday the 17. of January 2012


Rosa above 19th of January, in rain coat !


Otto flying with his favorite toy ! 16th of January 2012


Rosa mum and Otto son playing January 2012