Fotos 2014

(a place to find good memories)  

 A walk at the beach, from left Otto, Rosa & Bobby, November 2014

BELOW: september


Our Grandsons


At organic farm Skovsgaarad Castle  -   elderberries in our garden september 2014


Chr and a friend going kayaking        Sepetmber  2014  ---  I knitted a Guernsey sweater for Karl our older boy

Below:  Hjortø


Karl and Sanne bought the old mill on Hjortø for a cottage  - now restoring



a wonderful day in September to the very small island Hjortø

below: our figs


end -  below hot summer days


above July 2014 - visit of uncle Jorgen showing our grandson how the harvest machine works

below: visit from Poland with Bobby


Bobby came 4 month old - son of Otto



late July 2014 above

Below the  first 6 months  of 2014


Jette and Rosa and Otto at Ristinge Beach


Otto and Rosa after a bath


Rosa and Otto


Lovely summer days


our big rose and Otto



Chr loves his boat



a lovely time of year


Ristinge at Eskes farm and at the beach


Ristinge Beach


June 2014 our place


                        my cubboard                                         above: dog selfie Roskilde maj 2014  


grandsons fishing in Rudkøbing harbour


above Rudkøbing harbour - a warm day


early spring


our beach


Kassie had 2 baby canine teeth removed


March 2014


                                                                                March  neighbors visiting for a coffee



           just home from 3 weeks in Thailand ! lucky boys !


March 2014 Kassie and Chr.


     enjoying the early spring sunn


sweet Kassie - from late April she lives with Karen and Søren as a spoild only child - but with a peeb to play with

very day as her neighbour, who is daughter of Karen and Søren has a petit bitch from kennel Fodnote !


chr cutting the appletrees   -   new socks for little feet


sweet baby Kassie