Fotos 2015

Julen 2015    Hannibal

Eske,  Christian og Karl julen 2015

Julen 2015:  Sanne, Hannibal, Karl og Ejvind

før Karls operation  julen  2015

December 2015, jul



Bremen Germany 1 st & 2 nd August 2015 Otto pictured here -  Rosa became  German VDH Veteran Champion  !!

end *******

Ristinge beach a lovely summer - I am not sure about the year ??


                                                                   The prizes Otto won at The Very Special Show July 2015


above: July 2015  Otto had a tumor removed, it turned out to be sand and stones in it  ??  

                                              and he had his teeth cleaned ! as good as new ;o))

end *************


Hannibal, Ejvind  & Sanne in their boat at the Mill at Hjortø August 2015                                            

                                                            &   Rudkøbing havn  Ejvind og Hannibal in the middle with friends !

Below Chr BBQ  for family 18 July 15

18 July  family party here  - below Ristinge beach


Ejvind and Hanninbal -  and Karl standing on his hands


Ristinge Beach  18 July 2015


Rhubarb from  Strandbakken 16,   and walk at the beach at  Ristinge 

below Kædeby Has summer 15


Kædeby Has  -  dog walk  - and my flowers !!


in a new pot - very needed  !! 



tomato plants

Troense below


Ejvind with potatoes from the garden  ! very proud !



above Midsummers evening 23 June 2015

Jette & Bobby at Lars & Vibeke & Kayla,  June  2015   - end !


above: Neumunster 30 May 2015 Otto BIG 2  ***end***

Below France  May 15 NE





above: we went to the NE in France May 2015


Rosa April  2015

USA April 15


Tucson  Jette judging April 9 2015


Grand Canyon


San Francisco


Santa Monica     



Rosa is singing a song for me February 2015, she is 8 yrs old !

Otto, Rosa og Bobby Ristinge Strand  (Beach)


2 different days in January at Ristinge Beach  in storm and in sun


Our house and our view January 2015