Fotos   2013

I am making these pages - so I know where to find good memories !

above:  Ottos was best in the breed 2013 in Denmark !!  and did win in Germany, Poland  and France   too !! 

Below:  our garden sepetmber 2013



Chr painting the sauna


Otto above


above:  mowing Eskes lawn

Below  Norway  at my brothers cottage  late August



Above:  Late August - a trip  visiting  family in Norway    
Below :  a wonderful day at sea with granchildren .....




Above:  a wonderful day at sea  27 July 2013 meeting Karl and Sanne and the boys !

Jette a summers evening with my much loved dogs Rosa and Otto

My favorite wall



And Hannibal stayed for a short vacation




above: 2 July 2013 a wonderful summers eve



Above Cirkus 2 juli 2013


23 juni 2013  Sct Hans aften Kædeby Has

Above Midsummers evening, Kædeby Has

May 2013 Rosa and Otto  after a bath before the shows in May 


Rosa and Otto  3rd May  2013 


Otto  3rd May 2013   Water is dangerous  !!  pyh  farligt -  synes Otto  !

Rosa and Otto 3 May 2013

Ristinge beach  3 may  2013


28 April  2013  Sunday lunch


Otto April and May  2013

bussy Boys  !

fishing  april 2013

  boys  &   Otto digging   April 2013

Bjørn Hannibal  april 2013

Sunset March 2013 from our windows


Jette and Otto 30 March 2013 -  a very relaxed Otto after a walk in the snow


last day of Easter 2013  a cold beer in the sun, still piles of snow


deer March 2013  on our daily walk

"the best in this world is long walks" says Rosa and Otto March 2013



late March 2013  our road                                   and Otto loves it


in the snow 2 little freezing birds eating  


Kædeby Has, Kølle Nor, Langeland                                             24 March  ah !!  sunshine - birds eating apples !


Above:   22 and 23 and 24 March  2013   still  so much snow  (our sauna)  roads closes  again and again  !!


Buzzard  keeping an eye on the little birds eating where I feed them - March 2013


Naughty Otto chasing "game" at home Febr 2013

9. February  2013 Fredericia  a happy Otto - after the show in Lindknud

***************end ***************************

Below  3 weeks in South of France January 2013


  Above:  Goslar, Germany  January 2013   Hotel Zum Börse -  fantastic old houses            


Perpignan show "Otto" BOB,  CAC, BIG, BIS 3 - Rosa both days best bitch and CACIB


Le Bacares Plage Jette, Rosa & Otto in front

Mandeltræer i blomst   / Almondtrees in bloom  January


Narbonne                      Marked Narbonne


Typical lunch                          The Beach in Le Bacares 


Le Bacares where we stayed for 9 days                                  Very windy most days, but sunny


Gorge de Galamuse, close to Carcassonne France  - fantastic

we visited Carcassonne, but our camera was stolen, so only photos from my phone !


sunrise  Le Bacares                                         our balcony at the Hotel La Plage, Le Bacares




            above Le Bacares Plage we walked for hours every day with the dogs along the beach


South of Pont Sct Esprite, France, spring is closer                                                                                    



 our trip to 'France has started, right Otto in Agde in the hotel by the river 14 January 2013,  left:   Pont Sct Esprite

                                                                           - we stayed here at this hotel  many yrs ago - not this time

Below:   Denmark



is it a rat  ?  January 2013                          above January 2013  at home   SNOW  SNOW  SNOW


9th January 2013 from Alexandra to me ;o)