the 15 June 2013     Judge: Birte Scheel, DK

Petit Heroes Canned Heat  "Otto"    BOB  (BIR)       &

  Petit Heroes Blonde On Blonde mom "Rosa"    BOS (BIM)

both had CACIB, "Otto"s  2nd (One in Germany) "Rosa" had her 14th CACIB

  - it was   a wonderful day  with stormy winds and heavy rain for 1 hour -

-   but then the sun came back  -  and Otto was Best In Group 2 !!!

     "Otto"    BIG 2




         "Otto"  left                            &                mom "Rosa"  right    shown 6 times this year 

2 in France and 4 in Denmark, and has been best bitch at all 6 shows !

(also entered at Crufts -  with 12 excellent bitches  in OB and not placed)


"Otto" BOB and mom "Rosa" BOS - Christian  handling  "Rosa"

Below:  and then the storm and rain came  !! we all had to run into shelter !


below: Otto in the group !

And the group competitions startet again after the worst rain !

 Otto BIG 2  !!

below  more photos of the rain  ;o))




Our tent and dogs packed waiting for the main ring competition  and the sun came back  !!  here Chr. and Uffe

"Otto"  BIG  2  !!