Marts 2019 UK -  and showing our dogs at Crufts 2019

 we left Rudkøbing 5 March, first night in Oldenburg, Best Western Hotel


Above: Best Western Hotel in Oldenburg, Germany (the food looks terrible ! but Chr.'s was good)

we normally do not drink beer, but we enjoy it at journeys !

below: Hotel in Hook Van Holland,  second night at Fletchers Hotels the Lamplight


Hook Van Holland  windy and wet but lovely                  coffee at a surfers Café at the beach


mixed grill in the evening - too raw                 Fletchers Hotel, Hook Van Holland, sunbathing :o)

                            Lumi and Otto are separated, as Lumi is in season (her 2nd)

  above: and checking in at the Ferry  7 March  



meeting Danish friends from the Basset Club on board

after we came to UK at 9 p.m., we drove to Harwich town, to sleep

Below: the next morning breakfast at the hotel in Harwich  8 March



above: a nice walk in Harwich before we head North West - 8 March

Below: Lavenham, a favorite town in UK  8 March




Below: arriving 8 March at St Johns Hotel, Solihull,  nice big rooms


                                 8 March dinner in the lobby  which was so nice  /  Lumi watching group judging

at Crufts 8 March  (we stayed here 2 nights)

Veteran dogs  and Otto won 1st !!


6 in Junior Bitch and Lumi was no 1 !!




a lovely "win"   


     all unbeataen bitches - for best bitch 

Best Dog BOB, Best Bitch, Best Puppy and Best veteran  Otto !!


 above: 9 March Vibeke and Gitte staying  in the same hotel in Solihull -  Chr. and me

below: nice mug


seeing friends at  Chinese restaurant



******************end ******************

Below:  12 March  On the ferry home - breakfast and listening to nice music and reading the paper

it was a rough crossing with huge waves - 200 km to the Postillion Hotel, Deventer. Arriving 8,30 pm


Below: 12 March enjoying nice food at the Postillion Hotel, Deventer, NL (we often stay here)


and then the 13 March 717 km to our home ! it all went well - and we are loads of  lovely memories richer !!