National Elevage France June 2019

I flew to Bordeaux with Gitte (Birgitte Winter Arildsen) the 7th of June and home the 12th of June

Enjoyed the Island Olerons and the dogshow with about 400 Griffon Vendeen

Dinner saturday evening with oysters 'ad libtum' and a delicious buffet in the old castle after.

Meeting dog people from many countries.

Sunday the 9th June - the show !    And dinner in the evening - we only stayed for the first 2-3 courses of 7 !

Saw Bordeaux and the Island Oleron which was a nice experience. Bordeaux a beautiful city with lots of fine shops, and the island Oleron with beautiful white sand and clear sea.


day one getting the rented car in the airport in Bordeaux -  on to our nice hotel in Bordeaux !


had dinner late in a very nice restaurant with a huge climbing area !

sightseeing in Bordeaux friday morning below:





Driving over the bridge to Oleron - in very rough weather - all light cars were not allowed to cross !


Next morning sunshine and breakfast outside our house







Below: Saturday night 'get to gether'






Below 9 June 2019   Breakfast in the car on our way to NE


Arrived at the show grounds






   Best of Breed



Dog  CAC Petit  and Res-CAC                                                                       Bitch CAC Petit and RES-CAC





Best In Show -  no 2 won - other 3 not placed !!

Grand Griffon Vendeen,  Bricquet, Grand Basset, Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen

Below the meutes !



Best Meute from Claude Jehanno, France


Petit Basset  Griffon Vendeen          and      Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen  MEUTES  from Gwen in Holland

Below the dinner sunday evening seeing friends


                                    Sweden and Holland


above: the dinner at the old castle sunday evening

lovely beaches






St George d'Oleron below



Below: On the top below St Denise



Below our last dinner before going home the next day


 breakfast our last morningbefore we drove to Bordeaux and flew home to Copenhagen



      our house