Neumünster 30 May 2015

judge: Piotr Krol, PL

we had a fantastic lovely show  and stayed at the hotel just across the road our 3rd time in 10 yrs !


Otto BOB and BIG 2 out of 13 in BOB dogs in the group !!




    Otto and I waiting in the main ring               Rosa  best veteran in the breed

In the Holstenhalle  for the group competition - we found a nice spot !



Below Outside our camp



Otto BOB and Rosa BOS and best veteran


Rosa right, and Chr. and the dogs in our tent - we were lucky with sun - but a crazy thunder

and hail storm came by after we had been in the ring !


Friday afternoon  on the ferry from Boyden to Fynshav !



Ottos critique left,  Rosas right !