Photos 2018 / Billeder 2018

I make these photo sites for my own sake, so I can look at special pictures when I want to :o)

Our most beloved son Karl died 9 December from a brain tumor and was burried 15 December



Ballerup og Herløv Kro 22 - 23. sept. 2018






we have so many tomatoes in our greenhouse early Sept.

Below an evening here with the boys and their sweetest families the 3rd September 2018 


A little boy loves icecream big boy likes water melon


we grilled 2 big organic chicken - a lovely evening

                                                 Left: Karl Eske and Sanne - right Bror, Inge Sanne and Ejvind



Below  Bremen Dog Show 1 & 2 September



Below: Visited my sister and boyfriend in his summercottage in Rørvig in August (21-23)



a beer in Nykøbing Sjælland  ********** end


grandpa' and Bror watching TV



 festival one week after - clening up going on !!  The Youth Camp what big pigs !!!!!! /   Linda Skerritt visited us a few days early August !




Festival going on big grandsons here


It was a warm and dry summer


JULY 2018 Festival in town



egne fersker                   &               Otto groomed nicely

Primo July  cucumbers  more than 40 now peaches  over 30 ready ---and tomatoes are soon ready

Lumi hiding in the shade July 2018


Bror 7 July 2018  Bror og Jette                    og Bror

8 July  2018  Hannibal og Ejvind og Karl i Kbhvn  **** end


3 Juli 2018  på terrassen


Below Sct Hans evening 23 June 2018

Karl and his sons Ejvind and Hannibal



above Sct Hans 23 June 2018   Pilekrogen, Troense



Inge  og Eske og Bror ferierer  på Murano  Juni 2018    /   Bror pakker til ferien her hjemme

Bror og Inge bader  hjemme i Vindeby  maj 2018

***********end *******


besøg her  - og fra Pilekrogen


Norge Norway  June 2018 below

we ended with my big brother in his cottage by Oslo fiord





My girl cousins home in Norway



on tour with my boy cousin below


                                     right: my aunt Gudrun 93 yrs old and 2 of my cousins 10 grandchildren


my boy cousins home below




below: judging in Norway Lier Bygdetun 03. june 2018





                                                                   vi boede på Renskaug Vertsgård ******** end



Lumi i drivhuset 03 May


vasktøj på snoren og oprydning i have og drivhus 03. may 2018

tiny peaches

Otto 3 MAY 2018

above 03 may 2018   vi rydder i drivhuset og gør klar til tomater og agurker

Bror 02 may 2018 i Vindeby

Teeth from Lumi  30 april 2018  den lille Bing og Grøndahl terrier er fra Lone <3

Jette 30 april


Lumi now 21 weeks old 25 April 2018

17 April  in our wood  - taking care of Ronja  our sons brown dog


14 april 2018  planter ny hæk                        /                  19. april 2018 in our garden


Hannibal og Ejvind her en uge i april   ( around 17. of April) -  alle dage med varm solskin :o)


above:  Lumi 07 February 2018 on our terrace       /    Lumi in Helsinki airport 03. February 2018 on our way to Denmark

Below My sisters 60 birthday party at the resturant Je t'aime in Copenhagen

***************************end *********

09 January my birthday at organic café with the best company !

the last to the right is Lumi