PUPPIES (not for sale)

Sire:  MULTI CHAMPION multi winner Petit Heroes Canned Heat "Otto"

and  Dam:  winner of 4 RES CC's  Beaujons  Pinky    

 Meet boy: Beaujons Vagabond  &  girl:  Beaujons Velvet  

Born in England 26 August 2017



"Bond"  24 November 2017  

Above  Vagabond 3 months old,  24 November 2017



            Vagabond                                 and                          Velvet    5 weeks           

what lovely faces !


                                       Vagabond left   &  Velvet right                                                                 same

above Vagabond  now   4 weeks old and eat real food :o)


Jenna Betts (Monkhams)  with the girl and with the boy


girl / boy

New born 1 day old girl / boy


Mum: Beautiful Beaujon Pinky  with her breeder & owner Lynn Wood, UK