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Born  the 17th of  May  2011 at  4 pm and 11,30 pm 

I am sorry to inform puppy interested - that we are keeping both our selves.

New pictures only on the danish language site from now on ! (link)

Petit Heroes Corrina Corrina (link to her site)

Petit Heroes Canned Heat (link to his site)

Rosa  had a hard birth, first a big dead bitch, colours like her Sire, black and white,

then a big creame caramel colored bitch, then much later a boy (same colouring) by a caesarean.

girl  weight at birth 384 gram,

Boy weight at birth 298 gram.

they are eating constantly and gaining weight already ;o))



              Sire:  (titles under) Around I'm What I'm                X           Dam:  (titles under) Petit Heroes Blonde On Blonde

The 8th of May 2011 -  I can see and feel the puppies move in Rosa's big pregnant belly !


                 Rosa  August  2010                           

Dam:   called: "Rosa"

NAME: Petit Heroes Blonde On Blonde, 

TITLES: Danish Champion, Club Champion, Danish Winner 2009, Danish Winner 2010.

  Silver bitch BK 2009, Gold-bitch in the Basset Club 2010.

Look under "the girls" for more about Rosa - and under shows !

The 16th of May, Rosa's temperature is going down 37,1 this morning,   when it drops below 37,0 degrees celsius,

the birth occurs  within 24 hours normally.

Today I have scissord her around her teats, and  also in her paws, today  she is 18,6 kg, which is 4 kg  heavier than normal.

Rosa 12th of May, always hungry ! she has 3 meals per day, "Starter" from Royan Canin 130 gram more than normal.


12th of May puppies moving around "in and out and up and down" with little kicks. The whelping room is ready !

Above 12th of may Rosa in a great mode !! smiling !

Rosa the 4.th of May 2011  her day 48 !   2 weeks to go !

Rosa gettting bigger and bigger here the 1st of May 2011

Photo above, the 18th of April 2011:  Pregnant Rosa is happy smiling and wagging her tail all day long  !

The 14th of April, Rosa had a scan at the Vets  and he  saw  2 live fetuses, we hope for a little more !

The 18th of march, Rosa has been to Sweden to mate "Fridolf".


NAME: Around I'm What I'm,   called  "Fridolf"

TITLES: Swedish Hunting Champion and Swedish - and  Norwegian Show Champion, International Champion

 (with many BOB and Groups and BIS) 

Breeder: Annicka Löfgren, kennel Around,  owner Johan Källén, S.

Fridolf has the best temperament, he is a gentle sweet dog, getting along very fine with another male PBGV in their home.

Belov pictures of Fridolf    



Fridolf  welcomes Rosa, when we arrived in Sweden in sun and no snow, but  we had 6 inches of new snow the last night !


A beautiful place in Sweden,  Fridolfs home      -     and last our B&B from 15.- 18.th of March 2011. 


Fridolf  9. january 2011 at the show  "My Dog"


Fridolf and behind him  his "brother" Waldemar  in the summertime.

(Waldemar is a son of Rosa´s litterbrother Victor and litterbrother to my Mynte)  !


14.04.2011 Rosa scanned and foetuses seen.