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 Petit Heroes Blonde On Blonde  -  got BEST BITCH (bos/bim)


"Otto" 2nd junior class both days - after Caramel Apple Van Tum-Tum Vriendj,NL

"Otto" on the move - Herning 3rd November 2012 !

(more photos from the show - click picture of Otto moving or here)

"Rosa"  got her 6th title ! thanks to judge: Renée Sporre-Willes, S.

Gwen with  BOB  Soletrader Bjorn Borg    &  and  Jette with  BOS  "Rosa"

Rosa barking at a man who made funny noises  ! ;o))


Jette and Rosa  4th November 2012

thanks to Wiegaardens Fotostudie for lots of fine photos !!

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Rosa 4th best bitch and Otto 2nd junior class  sunday the 4th Nov. judge: Petru Montean,Ru

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1st September 2012, Roskilde, Basset Klubben

judge: Rune Fagerström, Finland.

Otto best dog -  BOS, best junior dog and the Dog CAC  his 4th CAC in Denmark (+ 1 R-CAC) !

from 6 shows in Denmark

-  Otto bliver (BIM)  bedst i modsat   køn og  vinder sit 4. certifikat !!

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Danish Basset Club,   14  & 15  JULY 2012


Judges:  Rony Doedijns, NL  &  Paula Sunebring, S

"Otto"  Petit Heroes Canned Heat

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Below photos of "Otto" 14 months old  at the VSS July 2012




Above photos of my little STAR (naughty but still my little star) "Otto" at the VSS !!

                                                 - best danish dog - owned and bred - both days !

  The 15.07.2012: Judge: Paula Sunebring, S.  

Otto he wins his 3rd Danish CAC, best junior dog, and 2nd best dog of all !

sunday only beaten by his  Swedish cousin who is BIS ! 

&   Otto is Best Danish dog owned and bred both days !


14.07.2012: Judge: Rony Doedijns, NL.

Otto 3rd best dog, best junior dog and wins the R-CAC

Rosa has excl and CK both days, 3rd best bitch sunday !

photos from  the Very Special Show  2012 - link  click !

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Above: Rosa's  diploma with her INTCH   title  and  her  11 CACIB's   printet  !!   YES - I am proud   ;o))

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Below  "Kerstin"  sister to "Otto"   and her wins !!

Kerstin won another BOS (best bitch) August 2012  !!

Above: Hässleholm 26 maj 12 BOS / BIM judge: Elin Normannseth, N

Above: Jäderfors 12 maj 12 BOS / BIM judge: Paula Sunebring, S and her sire

BOB:  multi ch. INTCH Around I'm What I'm   !


picture above: Malmö 18 mars 12 BOS / BIM judge: Arne Foss, NO

and  --  Karlstad 19 maj 2012: reserve best bitch,  judge: Lars Hjelmtved,N

Göteborg MyDog 6 januari  2012  BOB puppy /  BIR hvalp, judge:   Espen Eng, NO

Malmö hvalp: 26 nov 2011  BOB puppy / BIR - BIG 2 puppy, judge: Mikael Nilsson,S

*******************************end of Kerstins wins !! ************

Below: International DKK Show the 6th May 2012

Roskilde, Denmark

Judge:  breed specialist John Wauben, NL

Rosa running  -  winning 2nd best bitch and the RCACIB  (out of 5 bitches)    (here making a "funny" step)


Otto winning the dog CAC and 2nd best dog/male  and Crufts access  - in junior class you don't get CACIB's. !

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Below: International DKK Show the 5th May 2012

Roskilde, Denmark,   Judge: Martin Johansson,S.


Otto winning the dog CAC and 4th best dog/male!   & mum  Rosa winning 4th best bitch !

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Below: International Show the 19th of February 2012

Granada, Spain

Judge:  Mr  Juan Naveda, Spain

above click photo to see a video from the BIS competition - filmed by Linda Skerritt !!

thank you Linda for the fine film !!


Above: Rosa winning BOB, CACIB and BIG !  (BIR og Bedst I Gruppen 1)


Above: Otto winning Best Junior, and BOS, (Bedst i modsat)

both 18 and 19 of Febr 2012 - winning  the Junior CAC's both days !

He needs 3 to be a Spannish Youth Champion -

but unfortunately we do not go to Spain the next 9 months to show him (while he is still in Junior class)!




Pictures from the show in Granada - people eating paella  and other delicious courses - and having a glass of wine,

 outside in the nice sunshine ! 19th February 2012


Photos from the Granada show, a real macho dog with a big number of entries !