(we plan not to show Otto in 2018)


Bremen 01 September International and 02 September National dog show

Judge 02 Sept 2018 Nenad Manic, Serbia

Lumi BOS, Best Junior and Junior certificat (her 2nd German Junior CAC)


Lumi did so very well - happy all the time the loooong days in the Huge noisy Messe


Cheers Marion - so nice to meet you and your "hot" husband !! and so nice with the pink champagne - thank you !!




Lumi Best Of Breed, and Best Junior and Junior Certificat !!


Below  a lovely evening in Bremen friday  31 08 2018



Below: 31 08 On our way - waiting for the ferry across the Elben River


*************end ************

Billund Denmark National CAC Nordic CAC show 04 August 2018

judge: Malgorzata Wieremiejczyk-Wierzchowska, Poland

Lumi best puppy


thanks Linda Skerritt for the pictures     


 **********************************end **********

Basset Club Very Special Show & 50 yrs Anniversary SHOW

Sunday 01. July 2018 : LUMI BOB puppy and BISP 1

Breed Judge: Renaud Buche, France &   BIS judge: Rudy Smith, Holland.

 Lumi BIS 1 puppy sunday !!!


above: judging Best In Show Puppy Rudy Smith, NL,   LUMI BIS 1 !!!!



  Above: Sunday   breed judge Renaud Buche, France


Saturday  30 June


BIS Puppy Judge: Frencasco Lamarca, Italy,  Lumi BIS2 puppy


above: Saturday 30 June, Gavin Robertson, UK, judging the breed, Lumi Best puppy

***** end****************

  Friday 29 June:

  Judge Gunnar Nymann, DK, judging the breed.

Lumi Best Puppy - she was the only one, she was BIS 2 puppy (of 3)


above: Very Special Show 29 June 2018,  7 months on the day

   3 days show Lumi BIS 2 puppy 2 days and BIS1 puppy the last day !




Danish Kennel Club, Vejen 16 June 2018

 judge: John Wauben, NL

Best puppy and very nice critique


  Lumi on top of the crate waiting for her turn


***********************************end **********

Below:  Haderselv Basset Klub show   27 May 2018

  Judge: Carla Gerber, NL,

LUMI  bedste baby, BIS baby !!

6 months old minus 2 days !




 Basset Klub show,  24. March 2018

Judge: Birgit Sluiter, NL

Lumi first show

Judge:  Birgit Sluiter, Holland

critique: Nearly4 months, very nice puppy, head with good proportions, dark expressive eyes, correct ears,

correct neck, topline and tail, good body, bone matching the body, correct feet, harsh coat, free movement.

Best baby in breed and Best In Show Baby 2