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             udstillingsresultater i 2011 og billeder !

Rosa has 3 BOB and 2 BOS wins in 2011 !!

(not shown much because of her puppies born in May 11 )

 Below Basset Club CAC Show 26th of November 2011

Judge  Tina Sulce, LE

Rosa  BOB  and BIS 2 !! /  Rosa  Bedst I Racen og Bedst In Show 2 !!


Otto wins Best puppy Of Breed and Best In Show Puppy  !!!  6 months and 8 days old !

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Herning INT Championship DKK  Show

the 5th of November 2011

Judge  John Finnich Pedersen, DK

Rosa BOS / Bedst i modsta køn


Basset Club CAC Show 16th of October 2011

Judge:  Ivana Bakal, Croatia.


DKCH KLBCH DKV 2009  DKV 2010, Gold bitch of the year 2010

Petit Heroes Blonde On Blonde:  "Rosa "

wins  BOB and BIS 3  the 16th of October 2011  Basset Club Show,



Judge:  Ivana Bakal, Croatia.

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National udstilling / show in Silkeborg 28. August 2011

judge:  Carla Gerber-Niedenzu, Holland.


Mynte BOB (BIR) and  BIG 2, and got her 5th CAC (certifikat)

Rosa was 4th best bitch. Pippi (now called Bessie) won over her brother Otto this time,

but both had very fine critique, as you can read at their own pages.


Otto on the table                                       and on the move  !


Bessie on the move ! tail up -  big steps - not 3½ month old yet !


our camp at the show !  everybody enjoying to "go out" on a day !  28. August 2011


Puppies in a box (not their normal crate)              and fine  Mynte waiting to go into      

                                                        the Main ring for the Group !  here in shelter for a shower !


Mynte BIG 2  !!!!  (Best In Group no 2)

what a wonderful day !!

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National show in Varde  20 August 2011

judge: Petru Muntean, Romania


Petit Heroes Canned Heat  "Otto"  above   - best puppy in breed - he was wagging his tail really loving it !

Petit Heroes Corrina Corrina  moving like a dream in the ring !!            20th August 2011

Otto and Bessie - Otto won over his sister ! 3 month and 3 days old !

Mynte in the show ring ! excellent and CK  4th best bitch ! (the judge wrote that he would prefer longer ears)


Above Rosa back in the show ring ! enjoying herself after  her puppies  -  3rd best bitch !

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Very Special Show  sunday the 5th of  June 2011

Competing for best bitch, Mynte here 2nd, ends up 3rd best bitch with Excellent and CK  !

they end up 4, 3, 1, 2 best bitch !




Mynte  excellent and certificate quality  and 3rd best bitch !

we only entered the one day, and Rosa was home with her puppies !



It was a lovely day, with a lot of sun and wind !


           2nd best  and best  (BOS) bitch  -             and BOB and BOS   at the  last photo

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International DKK show the 13th of February Fredericia

Judge / dommer: Hans Boelaars, NL.

Rosa BOB     /   Rosa:  Bedst I Racen  / with CACIB

Rosa:   Bedst  I  Gruppen  3  (BIG 3) /  Rosa:   Best  In Group 3  !! 

Mynte winning  2nd best bitch with CAC,  here standing in front, Rosa last winning BOB.

(here before they are placed)

Rosa on the move - we love it !

the girls in their  "caravan" at the show  having a good time watching everything

Mynte - junior bitch was 2nd best bitch and had the bitch CAC   (her  4th CAC ) !!

Myntes critique:  Lovely Mynte !

Absolute first class female, excellent rough coat, compact body,

correct proportions, really nice head, correct bite,

excellent front and rear, moves freely with plenty of drive.

*******************end of a wonderful show day !! *** Thank You judge Hans Boelaars, NL

Basset Club Show 12. February 2011 in Aarslev

Judge/ Dommer:  Jelena Kruus, Estonia/Estland


Rosa  BOS  / Rosa Bedst I Modsat køn !



Mynte 2nd best bitch, bitch CAC and  Best In Breed Junior ! and....


 BIS 2 Junior          -           Mynte relaxing at Vibekes lap at the show! 

Myntes critique: Excellent type, young bitch, good size and proportions.  Good bones.

Lovely head with exc. expression, correct scissorsbite. Good neck, correct topline and tailset.

Very good ribcage and long enough, forelegs moves OK parallel,  very nice mover, excellent coat and temprement. 

*******************************************end  / slut ********

International  show  "MY DOG" i Göteborg, Sweden,  8th  and 9th of January

Rosa had BOB and C.A.C.I.B  both saturday and sunday

Thank you  Annicka ( breeder of Mynte)   and Markku - for a lovely weekend  at your beautiful place

and well done with your young dog Around No Problems who got BOB puppy, and Kex winning the CAC  !

Sunday the 9th of January 2011

judge: Ann Carlström, Sweden

Rosa Best Of Breed  (BOB)  /  Rosa Bedst I Racen  (BIR) og CACIB

Rosa on the move  - she loves it !  we did not stay for the group  -

                                                                                                       because of a long drive home.


Around Kiss O'Gram "Mynte" i unghundeklasse fik 1. præmie og Hæderspris begge dage.

Mynte my young bitch, had a 1st and  "prize of honour"  both days  -


Saturday  the 8th of January 2011

Judge:  Leni Finne, Finland

Rosa on the table the judge checking her

The dog and the bitch for BOB/BOS

BOB and BOS  on the move 


Rosa Best Of  Breed  /  Rosa Bedst I Racen  med CACIB