Grooming  translated to English

The first words that comes to my mind are: .....  "A PBGV  does not like to be groomed " 

The moment you get your little lovely sweet puppy home, start to brush with a soft nice brush and say nice words: " looovvveeelyyyyyyy so niiicceee  --- gooooooddd "   and  put your fingers into his ears and between his toes and tell him how wonderful this is (big smile) !

Pull a bit from the age of 9 - 10 weeks - only the longest baby coat - and give goodies / treats !  so your PBGV gets used to it.

Some breeds I am told - love to be at the table and have a good brush and grooming - but  I have never had a PBGV who loved it  !

They can learn to be good and you have to have good treats and  to be patient and say a lot of sweet words - and if it does not help sometimes you have to be strict  and tell him who's in charge !!

He does not like to have his nails cut - not to have his front legs brushed - and if you hit a felt - OMG  -  be careful ,  use a "thinning scissor"  - or use  only  1 tooth on the comb to deal with the matt.

Do this very very often, in the beginning every day ;o))  and hopefully he will learn  that this is good - quality time with mom or dad !

Below I will try to give a little instruction in grooming !

You can groom and trim your PBGV as you like it !

some like it short all over - huntingpeople - some like it formed for shows  - to hide the faults and make the nice parts more visible ;o) 

my tools on the trim table  Now I use a "trim-stone" but made of metal !  or just my fingers !

You do not need a special room or a grooming-table with a gallows - a mat with rubber surface on a table will do, and good if you can fasten his collar to something.

Never leave your dog alone at the table !!!   be prepared before you lift him up. Take your phone with you and all the tools you need and goodies  !


Make your self comfortable, sit down when you do the dogs feet -  and try to make this a  thing you feel good about

(and hope your dog  feels the same)   Above Alto on the table !


Victor before grooming, at the bottom of this page after grooming !

You trim your PBGV with your fingers - best ! But you can use different tools, which makes it more easy -

and with a lot of practice it can be done very nicely !

I am using the blue metal trim-knife mostly (2019)

I do not use the trim-stone anymore - it is very heavy of metal, and the one of stone rolls off the table and brakes easily.

There are very many opinions to how a perfect PBGV should look, differencies from country to country  - and for which purpose.

Some people have their PBGV for hunting-reasons mostly, and they want a short practical coat. But first of all, a PBGV and any other dog must be brushed and kept in good condition both feet and ears and mouth and body  ;o))

We groom and trim for shows or we groom our  pet (my dogs are both) -  if you do not show, your PBGV do not need to be in perfect coat all the time, and he can be trimmet rather short a few times a  year.

Those PBGVs who are shown regularly must be trimmed very often - so that they always have a coat which have many lengths of hair. You can trim a bit every time your dog is on the table, or once  a week,  when you have him on the table for his brush, nail cut, ear check, teeth cleaning, examined for ticks and other stuff that must not be on your dog !!

The show coat on a PBGVs  often has  rather short hair on the heads sites - and the neck and throat  - under the tail and in the rear angle - to make the angle more visible.  Do not over do it - he might change type !! ;o))  (but again - we dont want him to look like a bend sausage) !!

If you groom / trim very often - you will have more lengths  in the coat and he will never be naked ! If you groom very seldom you can be forced to take all the coat off - and he will not be a showdog for a long time ;o)  or he will be cold in the wintertime.

I the summertime I give my dogs drops against ticks  every 4 weeks, ask you vet for the best kind !

Every morning I take away dirt from the corner of his  eyes  - I let them eat it - and they never object when I remove it the dirt.

I cut my dogs nails every 2 weeks, maybe it should be done every week - it can be hard to teach your young PBGV that this must be done ! But you have to learn him to behave - some dogs don't mind. Never  cut too close --- always have a bleeding stop cure in your house  - if you are unlucky !  

Make a diary /calendar  over what you do and when, time flies and time for nailcut comes faster than you think !

I have a lot of grooming tooles  - bought over the years, and you find  out which are the best for you. In the beginning I used my fingers only, but now when they start to look crooked here and there  - I like to use a toole for some parts of the dog  !   the edges of the ears - a very small trim knive just to hold the hairs with my thomb and the trim-knife - put a little chalk on your fingers it gives a good grip ! also put a bit on the trim knife !


chalk for your fingers   (and for trim-knives - to help pull)

In the ears I use the lille brown trim knife, I "fish" the hairs up from down in the ears with my fingers, and then put the smallest trim knife on one site of the hair and my thomb on the other - and pull !  I do not think the dog feels this when it is the hair from deep down in the ear  My dogs never make a sound when I do it. Only on the ear leather it can hurt - so only take very few hairs at a time  !!


  the small brown  (ear) trim knife here left

(and here the blue metal knife which I use mostly now in 2019)

I clean the ears with Otoclean, press it in deep down - and give a massage under outside the ear, then I use cotton wool to clean if off.

Do it often and he will not have ear problems. If you do get sponge or fungus - call your vet and have drop medication.

The ears have to be very pale pink nearly white as far as you can see inside.

Otoclean !

You have to look in your PBGVs ears very often, at least once a week, if you clean and take a dirty ear from the start, you should not get into big troubles ! Is it smelling - be quick - clean and do so every day, and if it gets red and the dog shakes his head, call the vet.

Mynte is cleaning Ottos ears, but - you cannot count on your dogs to do it themselves !

I scissor    under the ears, lift it up  ! But only there and under the tail with the scissor, and under the paws !

the rest is done with your fingers or a trimknife to get a grip - and remember the chalk !

                                                                                Step 1)

you brush  your PBGV all over - and comb after - when you do not have one mat  - you lightly brush the coat against the growth direction, so it stands up in the air, and you  pull out all the longest ends - remember chalk on your fingers. When you pull the hair out always do it  in  the growth direction -  or it will hurt him !!!



 1: an under-wool groomer   2:  a matt splitter   3: the nail clipper

(I never use the matt splitter  !!!!)

The coat on the head at a PBGV have many lengths.

 1) the eyebrows must be long, but not hiding the eyes, take a few hairs at a time, and always the longest - until you think it looks fine.

2) the skull - I groom it rather short, some have it long, a matter of taste I believe.

3) the beard should be long, comb it up in the air and take the longest.  Under the jaw, scissor with the "tooth-scissor" . Under the eyes take a bit more  and on the sides  - from the eyes and towards the ears.

Teeth: clean your dogs teeth about every months, take away the tooth-stone with a tool you can buy for the same reason.

I am using a Aloe Vera tooth-paste and an old towel to clean the teeth, but you can buy both tooth brushes and tooth-paste for dogs.


 for teeth

Because the ears of a PBGV  must be much shorter than on a Grand BGV - I trimm the edges of the ears very short.

4) the throat under the jaw should  be short  I think - so it looks elegant and not very heavy, I would think about 1 inch/2-3 cm.


5)  the chest - you feel the chest bone, and the coat can be longer on the fore chest.

6)  the leggs:  you trimm like the body - all the longest hairs off - only very few hairs at a time. If you do not show - you could  use the trim knife and cut some of the hair edges off or use the scissors. (with the tooth)  it makes the hair softer - so if you show, pull the hair out.

Remember :   you have to brush at least every week - or the new hair will not be able to grow out !

my scissors - the "thinner" scissor left, do not buy cheap scissors, they are NO good.

7) around the paws use the trimknife or the thin scissors. The hairs should not be too long around the paws, (your dog  will bring  too much dirt into the house) !  He will more easyly  get paw problems, like fungus or wounds.


LUMI with nice feet ! and such straight front legs ! love it !!

Under the paw you must scissor the long hair - and between the toes I use a baby nail scissors - look between the toes often, and keep the spaces tidy -  seeds and dirt will stuck if there are too much hair or little felt, and it can cause BIG BIG problems.

Baby nail scissors

8)  Back: I like the PBGV's back to have rather short hair - about 1 1/2 inch / 4 cm all over.

9)  the tail: the tip of the tail must not have long hairs, the hairs here are very very short, so the tail do NOT look  longer than it is ! the rest of the tail must look like a x-mas tree, pull the longest hairs regularly.

10) I scissor around the ass - dirt will not get stuck and I like a clean dog. 

11)   Under the belly - I  try to pull most hair out - the longest, but..... sometimes I uses the thinner scissors, because they really hate when you pull - mine do anyway ! I think 2 inches / 5 cm is a fine length - be carefull to have a round body also under - not like a skirt on a PBGV !!!

12)  the coat on the body and sites are about 1 1/2 inch / 4 cm long - after a good brush - you put chalk on your fingres -  you pull out the longest hair in the growth direction ! brush it up in the air - but always pull with the growth direction ! and only get a grip of the tip of the longest hairs - and only few hairs at a time.  Then you comb and brush  and look --- is it OK ?                                          

13)  in front of the upperarm beside the chest he should have rather short hair -  not to look too heavy or square, so here you make the hair shorter (trim more) than on the front chest.

In the angle between upper thigh  and lower thigh you can take out a little extra coat - to give  him a better rear angulation (and again so the PBGV do not look totally square)!


I have described how I like to have my PBGV's looking, but - a PBGV who is not going to be showed "next week" can easily be groomed/trimmet short all over in the summertime, more easy to deal with - no dirt no felt or seeds  and not too warm.



left: the small brown I use for the ears - both deep inside and the edges of the ears

second left: under wool coamb. I never use it !!

blue: help to pull out hair  - to get a grip ! I am using this 2019

red: finer than blue -  I never use it !

If your dog has a lot of under-wool it is combed with a  tool like the one to the left at the picture below. Do not take it all - it keeps the heat out and the warmth in - depending on your climat.


I do not use the one in the mittle  (for matts)- it is very sharp -I use the thinner scissor on big matts  ! .

I un-sharpen the underwool knife (left) in a lot of newspaper - again and again to take the sharpest off !

                                                                  some PBGV's have a lot of under-wool, some not much ! 


Left: Alto here 10 yrs old, I mostly use the  scissors on him now,

as he is not shown any more.                      Right: Rosa in new fine show coat ! 


Victor after  trim

A PBGV  should look casual   -  not too short, not too long,  I think elegant casual - like a lord  on a hunting day !

If you have further questions - please write me an e-mail:              

Practice makes master !

About bathing:

If you want to bath your PBGV, use a shampoo for rough/wired haired dogs. Most must be added with 5 times water.

Use a lot of water after to get all the soap out.

I blow dry my dog  - only if we have a heat wave I do not.  A water tail can happen if your dog has a wet cold tail. Not funny the day before a show !!  "water-tail"  is a paralysed tail, hanging down - and it can hurt the dog and make him in a BAD mood :o(( -  and it will not be OK before 1-3 days !



Some PBGVs loves to swim and take a bath, other do NOT like it !

I am not educated as a groomer, but years of experience and grooming my own and PBGVs for

other people have given me some experience.

A little fine new groomed family, baby Klara (not grommed) and  Dad  Alto and Mom Penny 2006 !

Have fun !

den  31.05.2010. Jette  ;o)) / translated to English November 2013. / edited 2019/jvr