Very Special Show

saturday 25 July and 26 July 2015

Basset Club CAC Show  in  Odense, Denmark

Judge sunday: Katerina Schhwippelova, Tjekkiet

Judge saturday:  Manola Poggesi, Italien


Otto won Best In Show both saturday and sunday !!

sunday Otto BOB/BIR  and Rosa BOS/BIM

Rosa Best In Show Veteran sunday (and also saturday)

**********************end ************

Judge saturday:  Manola Poggesi, Italien


OTTO BOB  and Millie BOS

above: 4 in champion class males !  Ace, Spikes, Otto, Hubbe

Bobby son of Otto was 2nd best male, 3rd best was  Hubbe - Ace and Spikes no CQ (no CK)

Otto moves

Otto Best Dog  & Millie Best Bitch

3 bitches, Rosa here last  she was entered  in Veteran Class  !

Rosa was   BEST IN SHOW Veteran   both days !!

the dogs for Best In Show saturday - and Otto was no 1 and the Basset hound no 2 !