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Our dogs and us:

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Picture: Otto & Jette.

Our family and dogs are what occupy us normally – since we are both retired. A good life with 4 grandsons, their parents and our 2 dogs. Christian loves to sail, and we have a sailing boat.

I am educated as a medical secretary, and has been working at hospitals 42 yrs, and liked it very much.  In my younger days I went to Art Academy and I like to draw and paint, also did some ceramics. 

My husband Christian is educated as an Architect, and has had his own firm for many years. Our 2 sons are also educated as Architects. Eske and Karl. Karl died from a brain tumor in December 2018 only 43 yrs old and we lost our wonderful elder son /  husband / father of 2 sons / brother  – and our lives will never be the same. Fortunate we are the happy grandparents of 4 boys age from4 to 17.

We have travelled a lot both with our sons in earlier years, both skiing and summer vacations and ourselves after the boys left home, to enjoy other countries and to show our dogs. We began our relation 52 years ago, living a year in Edinburgh, Scotland, Chr. worked in an Architect firm, I worked in Social Work Department. We  took trips around every weekend in our 2CV.

DOGS: I am authorized exterior judge for FCI group 6 and 4 and Group 8. And from gr 7 Spinone and Bracco Italiano. We have had Golden Retrievers, and I started to show my Golden 13 yrs old.

I love to be in the showring judging like I love to show my dogs.

For many years I have done Club Work, as a secretary and treasurer of the board, still the editor of the Club Magazine for  11 years, member of the Club Health committee so the Basset Club is my club. I play padel (tennis) and swim every week and hope to stay fit.

Picture: Chr. and Jette at The Very Special Show, Orø 2019, Lumi on the table.

I  have been very succesful showing our dogs – winning more than I had ever imagined.  I started with Golden Retrievers in 1966 and won a title Best Bred Danish Golden Retriever in 1967. We had 2 males both from Kennel Dienesminde and both sired fine litters. 

Our first PBGV born in 1997 “Herluf” Morebess Macho De Nice became DKCH.

Our second “Alto” Vickys Ekstra Vagance born in 2000, became INTCH and DKCH.

In 2003  we got a bitch Soletrader Miss Moneypenny from Gavin Robertson in England, who won CACs and had 2 fine litters, one puppy bitch “Rosa” Petit Heroes Blonde On Blonde won more than 20 CACIBs, and became INTCH and DKCH and had a lot of titles.

“Rosa” only had 1 litter, “Otto” and Kerstin, Kerstin came to her Sire in Swede Around I’m What I’m in kennel Surround, where she had 4 litters, she became INTCH, SE & NO & NORDIC hunting Champion, Beauty champion etc. 

Otto her litter-brother stayed with us, and has been winning very much, 20 CACIBS the most winning Basset Breed in the Club ever.  DKK winner 2014 & Year Winner in 2015, 2016 and 2017. Look for more at Ottos own page.

Pictures below of dogs we have had and under Show Results.

Jette and Lumi, august 2018

Jette and Otto, Rømø 2013

Our Golden Retriever 5 months old and our 2 sons 1986

Summer vacation in France with our boys

2022 us with our 4 grandsons.


Below photos of dogs we had

1967 Jette and Dienesmindes Aca

Winner of Best Bred Golden in 1967.

Dienesmindes Mattis as 9 months with Karl 1986

Chr. and Jette with Mattis 1986.


DKCH Morebess Macho De Nice,

Born 1997


INTCH CIB DKCH WWV08 Vickys Extra Vagance, “Alto” born in 2000. He had a first prize on blood  trail, so called Schweiss. 


Soletrader Miss Moneypenny Born 2003 the sweetest best Mom of 2 big litters of 8 and 9 puppies.


DKCH Petit Heroes Abandoned Love, the loveliest sweetest little bitch. She was put to sleep 3 years old, suffering from bad not treatable epilepsy.


DKCH INTCH CIE Multi Winner Multi CH Petit Heroes Blonde On Blonde, “Rosa”bred by me,  the sweetest pet and big winner and mom of Otto and Kerstin (both multi winners) Born in 2007. 


Around Kiss O’Gram, winner of many CACs, went to her breeder in Sweden, Sired by our DKCH Petit Heroes Bass Rock “Victor” – who lived with Nynne, but who I co-owned.

Born 09 09 2009.


DKCH Petit Heroes Bass Rock, “Victor”  litter brother to Rosa. Lived with Nynne.  Bred and co-owned by me.  Born in 2007.



Molly, Petit Heroes Blind Date, lived with Lise, bred and co-owned by me. 

 Kassie a beautiful little bitch.

Kassie, Succession of Baron, bred by Janusz and Kasia in Poland. Sired by our Victor (Petit Heroes Bass Rock) she came to live a perfect life with Karen and Søren in Snekkersten.

Born September 2013.

Bobby beautiful puppy

Bobby, Danish JUNIOR CHAMPION Tout Pour Toi Pangea, bred by Paulina in Poland, Sired by our Otto. A beautiful dog, he came to live a perfect life with Lars and Vibeke and their PBGV bitch Kayla.

Born in April 2014.

below some of the many drawings/paintings I have done

card of Otto
Irish Terrier water colo
Irish Terrier, pencils

Some of the photos here are much too blue compared to the original drawings unfortunately. No matter what I do to make the colors right, they get too blue at these photos compared to the real drawings which are white of course.

Nogle af fotografierne af tegningerne er desværre  lidt for blå  

Lumi Oil
Lumi pencil
Basset Hound
Basset Hound
Card of Grand and Petit
Illustration of a water tail
Otto worried
Flat Coated retriever, colors not quite right on the photo here