Petit heroes




June 2022 Jette and Aske, our youngest grandson of 4

Jette, Rosa og Otto


Otto og Jette 2016

Puppy Otto 

walking 2 babies and Mynte & Rosa, by our house in 2011

Lumi BIM BIS 1 Dec. 2021

Otto & Kerstin babies

Bobby & Jette 2015

Mallorca july 2022 cala d'or Jette and our 2 oldest grandsons

above Mallorca 22

below 5 pictures from our son Eske and Inges wedding 06.08.2022 

Eske and Inge 06.08.22
Sanne and her boys came by boat
granddad and Bror at the wedding
Aske not home but at his daycare mom
Watching for crabs

Lumi & Otto waiting for a walk

23 06 21

Midsummers eve 2021

2021 here – love our 4 grandsons

My 70 Birthday – enjoying my Grandsons, 2022

at Chr.s 77 yr birthday with our 4 Grandsons,2022

Eske with a deer he shot, Dec 21.

Karl and Chr. talking architecture, august 18.

Photo by Chr., kayaking to Hjortø, Sanne & Karl 

Karl and his 2 sons on Hjortø

Karl and his sons

Ski vacation in Norway, soon the boat back home, me, Karl and fam.

weekend to Karls fam.s mill on Hjortø 30 07 2019, 6  photos

Hjortø, Eske and his oldest son

Hjortø 2019

making ceramics here in our work shop

Lovely summer dinner in our garden

summer 2020
Summrt 2021 at the tennis courts with my 2 oldest grandsons
sweet Ejvind 7 yrs old
2020 january

mixed photos of our 4 grandsons their parents and us 

Bror 3 yrs old

Chr granddad sailing with grandson 2020

Karl summer 2018
Hannibal 6 yrs old

Below: Bornholm 10. – 15. august 4 pictures from the last evening in Svanneke 14.08.22