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Jette is authorized to give CAC's to following groups /breeds

Jette er autoriseret eksteriørdommer for følgende FCI grupper/racer

FCI Group 6  all breeds

(scent hounds and related breeds)

Gruppe 6 alle racer 

(drivende jagthunde og Schweiss hunde) 


FCI Group 4 all breeds

Dachshunds all 9 varieties

(FCI: 3 sizes and 3 coat types)

Gravhunde alle 9 varianter


 From Group 8  all breeds

Alle racer i gruppe 8 

(FCI Apporterende jagthunde)

From Group 7

Bracco Italiano & Spinone  

(FCI stående jagthunde)

I love all dogs and enjoy both showing my own dogs and judging very much

Vejen INT DKK 2022
INT DKK SHOW Vejen My Beagle BOB was BIG 1 under me, and BIS 1 under Christine Rossier, Schweiz

Above judging INT DKK SHOW  Vejen all 3 days, June 2022, BOB and BOS PBGV, and BOB and BOS Beagle, my BOB Beagle was group 6 winner, I was judging the Group. And he was later Best In Show under judge: Christine Rossier, Switzerland

Dachs Speciality Club SHOW

September 2021 judging the group 6 at


my BIG 1, was later BIS 1 

I have been judging in many countries over the past 12 years: 

In  Finland a few times, Sweden more times, Norway, Denmark many times :) . In Poland, in Holland, in Germany, in Ireland, in England at Richmond Ch Show, at Windsor Ch show, BGV Club, UK, in Scotland at the Border Union Dog Show in Kelso and  in America. 

Below just a few pictures from my judging.

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BOB BOS English Springer Spaniel, IDS Maastricht

IDS Malmö Sweden

Judging at Windsor, UK.

The Spaniel Club, DK

INT DS Malmö, S.

Bloodhound Club, DK, my BOS & BOB.

Grand BGV, Border Union Dog Show, Kelso, Scotland.

Danish Basset Club, BIS, 2011.

Kontakt:      /      contact:      /    Jette Vind Ramvad, Denmark