Petit heroes

We have mated Lumi, After Me A Piece of Heaven, 3 times, with no luck. She had a bacteria Mycoplasma found at the last 2 seasons. It was treated both times. We think its too late to try again, she is now 4 1/2 yrs old. Apart from that she’s the healthiest and happiest bitch and we love her of course very much. 

Picture of 3 puppies (of 7) from our A-litter. Born Nov. 2005.

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C- litter, born 2011.

B- litter born 2007.

A-litter born 2005.

C litter, C kuld, girl Kerstin & boy Otto

B litter  / vores B- kuld se mere under menu

A kuldet /vores A kuld 7 fine hvalpe. 

3 billeder fra vores hvalpegård til C kuldet – efter de flyttede fra fødekassen ca. 4 uger gamle.  Ren hygge ! 

3 pictures from our puppy yard, after the twins moved from their birth box 4 weeks old.