Petit heroes

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Photo: Otto Best of Breed and Group 2 in Poland.

I love to show my dogs both here in Denmark and abroad, so far we have 3 International Champions, “Alto” born in 2000, “Rosa” (mom of “Otto”) born in 2007, “Otto” from 2011.

Because of Corona virus, we have only been able to show Lumi one time abroad till now, April 2022.

We only show Lumi now, Otto is retired.

Below latest show results


Basset Club CAC Show 23 April 2022 judge: M. Gadolin, S, Lumi BOB and BIS 2

Lumi Best of Breed, April 2022

Lumi Best In Show 2

Having diplomas and rosettes for 2021 Lumi did very well. 

Best Bitch 2021, Best French Breed 2021, Best of all 6 Basset Breeds 2021.

Best bitch, Best of Breed, Best In Show 2

Below a few photos from nice wins

Lumi Best of Breed, Nov 2021, judge: Grzegorz Weron, P

Lumi Best In Show, Nov 2021

Lumi Best of Breed, Copenhagen Winner, Best in Group !! Sept 2021, judge: Jelena Kruus, Est

Best Of Breed Lumi

Lumi BOB Vejen 2019 later BIG 3

Judge: Erling Kjær Pedersen, DK, 

group judge: Jessie Borregaard Madsen, DK

Bremen BOB as a junior

 Otto Wins  both days Best In Show at the Basset Club Very Special Show 2015

judge: Manola Poggesi, Italien

judge: Katerina Schwippelova, Tjekkiet

Lumi Best of Breed, Best in Show, both 2 days at our Very Special Show at Orø, 2021

judge: Mariano Galan Zancajo, Sp.

and judge: Birte Scheel, DK

Lumi Best of Breed, she won 13 Certificates before she was a Danish Champion 1 day after her second birthday Here BOB February 2019. 14 months old.

 Lumi wins her class  Junior Bitch at Crufts 2019

Judges all Breed Specialists 

Linda Skerritt, UK in 2019

Phil Freer, UK in 2016

Linda Lewis, UK in 2013 

Otto wins Veteran class at Crufts 2019, at the photo  BOB, BOS, Best Puppy and Otto best veteran.

Ottos first show at Crufts was in 2013, in Limit Dog, 2 yrs old. He was second in his class, the first in the class was Best Dog.

Then in 2016 in Open Dog, Otto was Reserve in the Class.

Otto BOB and BIG 4 INT DKK Ballerup 

judge: Svend Løvenkjær, DK

and Otto wins BIG 4  same day 

Judge: Svend Løvenkjær, DK, Sept 2015

Otto wins BOB both days at our Very Special Show in 2019 (8 yrs old)

judge: Torsten Lemmer, Bulgaria 

Judge: Wenche Skogli, N.



Otto wins Group 2 in Poznan, Poland.

He also won Group 2 in Germany.

Otto wins Group 3 in Kielce, Poland

Otto wins Best Of Breed, Best In Group and Best In Show 3  from 10 Group Winners, Perpignan France 2013

Ottos movements are the VERY BEST! 

Picture from the Danish magazine “Hunden” (The Dog).

Otto BOB and BIS2 both days at our Very Special  Show 2017. 

Otto wins BOB and Group 2 in Vejen. 2014.

Otto Best Of Breed, Mom Rosa BOS, one of many times they stood BOB and BOS, Otto is 2 yrs and one day old, and becomes a Danish Champion on the day. Judge: Gunnar Nymann, DK.

(my husband Chr. not the best handler)

Petit Heroes Corinna Corinna, litter sister to Otto wins Group 3 in Denmark, she is a Multi winner, Multi Champion, including hunting Champion in Sweden, Norway and Nordic hunting CH.

Best Of Breed CLub Show, Otto
INT DKK, Best Of Breed, Otto

Neumünster Otto GR 2

France Otto BOB, BIG and BIS3

Rosa spring 2009 right after her second birthday, winning BOB and gets her last CAC to become a Danish Champion

Rosa, Multi Ch Multi Winner Petit Heroes Blonde on Blonde, BOB, Danish Winner 2009, like many years mom of Otto.

Rosa wins BOB and the Group in Granada Spain, 2012.

photo: Linda Skerritt.

Otto my big dog love 

Otto overall winner 2015, 2016 & 2017 in our Basset Club

Picture in “Hunden” 2001 Jette and Alto

Alto 1 prize on Schweiss 2006

Otto moving Crufts 2016, 4th in Open Dog, 18 in the class.

He really enjoys showing himself and I love to show my dogs – always with a big smile !

Otto moving 1 yr old at our VSS 2012  best junior, best male 2

VETERAN Otto on the move 8 yrs old winning BOB both days at our VSS 2019